Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Say My for the escort card!

I love escort cards!  And although many brides may view them as an expendable assure they are not.  This is your one opportunity to acknowledge you guests.  Your bridal party gets plenty of props through the program, rehearsal dinner, showers etc.  and because the escort card is often lost in the tangle of last minute wedding "to dos", it often does not get the attention that can bring the escort card to it's show stopping possibilities! Not to mention, this may be the one thing your guests hang on to.  After all, it does have their name on it and it's sorta difficult to toss your identity in the trash.  My cards from weddings often end up on fridge for awhile to admire and then get put in my card keepsake box along with other thoughtful mementos from loved ones.  If one of my kiddos was lucky enough to hang at the wedding...theirs always ends up in the baby book or the scrapbook (or the pile of papers that will soon turn into the scrapbook...that's for you honey!)

So, don't skimp on the escort card...go all out!!  I found this link from and posted my favorites.  There are more, just click on the link below to view. 

Happy Planning!

For her wedding to Joey Wallace, bride Sarah Shotwell stitched swatches of different fabrics onto white shipping tags. Each pattern corresponded to a matching table runner—brilliant. Large Snow White tags (Size No. 5), about $2.34 for 12, Paper Valise; vintage reproduction fabrics, Repro Depot; wood frame corkboard, from $18, School Outfitters

Photo: Aruna B. Photography

Christina Renfer and Brandon Vogel attached guests' escort cards to a clothesline. The brown twine and miniature wooden clothespins complemented their rustic venue, a renovated yellow barn. Number set medium rubber stamps, $29.95 for 10, Color Box inkpad in Goldrush, $7.95, and scallop oval cards, $6.25 for 20, all Paper Source; mini wood spring clothespins (1"), $1.99 for 50, Factory Direct Craft

Photo: Amanda Kraft Photography

Since both Deborah Lew and Sean Farrell are avid readers, the couple collected hardcover classics from secondhand bookstores to use as both escort cards and favors. Each book was wrapped in brown kraft paper and personalized with a label indicating name and table number on the spine. 30-pound medium-lightweight brown kraft paper (18" wide), $23.36 for 1,625 feet, Paper Mart; standard white matte library labels (1" x 2"), $18.95 for 100 sheets (40 labels per sheet), Online Labels

Photo: Karen Wise

For the wedding of Elena Hale and Charles Monn Jr., two friends designed these playful escort cards—each table number corresponded to a photo of either Elena or Charles at that age. Epson ultra premium photo paper (8.5" x 11"), $19.80 for 25 sheets, Epson

Photo: Marla Christina Aufmuth

Matt Kurumada and Katie Simon, both fans of live music, designed guests' escort cards to resemble concert tickets. Each table was named for a different concert venue in Atlanta, where their wedding was held. Event Ticket stock photograph (File No. 5553721), $18, iStock Photo

Photo: 6 of Four Creations

For their vineyard wedding in Southern California, Alyssa Price and Jesse Singer created this display by nestling escort cards between wine corks pierced by corkscrews (which also served as favors). Black plastic pocket corkscrew, $.95 each, Ace Mart Restaurant Supply

Photo: Sweet Monday Photography

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  1. I LOVE the book escort card! I could also see using the corkscrew method as seating cards for a dinner party. So much fun!