Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saying Goodbye to the Ducks

Many of you may not know that I (I mean my husband) is in the process of remodeling our master bedroom.  I have a confession to make...we have lived here now for 5 years, and we just started on it a few months ago.  That wouldn't be such a big deal if this house was not built in the 70's and the 1983 duck wall paper did not exist along with the gold linoleum floor.  When we first saw this house, it was like walking into a time warp.  The previous owners just saw no reason to update ANYTHING in the house.  I cringed when I saw husband fell in love.  He saw its potential...I saw endless weekend projects.  I did love the layout of this house along with the wooded backyard.  The school is within walking distance and it has a neighborhood pool.  So, I moved into burnt-orange tile and dark wood panel walls.  Room by room, Scott has taken over the painting, floor and trim.  He has ripped cabinets out, rebuilt counter tops, layed endless floor boards, built in shelves and entertainment centers.  Then it is my turn.  I come in with my paint samples, bedding choices and fabric pics.  We are a good team...Scott and I. I have learned to trust him when he comes up with some build that I have trouble visioning.  "Fine" I say,  "but I reserve the right to tell you I hate it if I do".  That has only happened maybe a few times.  Mostly, he's right and whatever he does turns out great.  And, he knows better than to argue with me about fabric for the curtains. 

So here we are at our house's last frontier...the master bedroom.  It is silly to say, that I am a little sad to see the room change.  After all, both Caleb and Maddie learned how to say "quack quack" from the ducks on the wall paper. They would point to it with their little chubby baby finger and let out their version of duck speech.   Ellie isn't talking yet and I'm afraid she won't get to have that valuable experience.  I guess I can always save a piece for her, but that sounds a little nuts.  She almost can bark like a dog, so quacking cannot be far behind! 

I have dedicated Thursday's blog posts to interior design and home DIY projects.  Although my business rests mainly in wedding stationery and party planning, I have always taken a great interest in decorating our home.  Some of the post will be about my house  (now that we almost have it all done..we can start all over!!!!), but mostly inspirations that I have come across. 

Stay tuned...I hope to inspire!!


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  1. This story is too funny! I'm so glad that our house was updated before we moved in...and I can't wait to see how your designs come together!