Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Table Top for Tots is The Top Tot's Table Top!!!

It occurred to me a few days ago, that we are approaching our 1 year mark here at the Executive Creations blogspot.  Wow!! Where did all the time go???  I have to say, I was apprehensive at first with the thought of blogging, but admit that it has become on of my favorite things.  I love to sit at my computer at night when the kids are in bed with my tea (or wine!)....okay, usually wine and surf the web for fabulous finds. 

However, I think I can do better.  So my new blog year's resolution is to give my followers a little love.  Once month, I am going to feature a loyal blog lover. 

March is going to the fabulous Debbie Bennett at Table Top for Tots!  Not only is she one of my favorite local vendors, she is a sweet gal that has kept me in the loop with our little local party scene. 

She rents awesome party supplies and much needed pint size table and chairs for kid's parties and events.  Her blog is filled with awesome party ideas, tips, inspiration and much more!  Check her out at

Here are some photos of her fabulous table and chairs.  The party design is from Setting The Mood, another great local vendor! See more here...


  1. So cool! Thanks for the love, Stephanie!!!

  2. Love the napkins... very creative!

  3. Very Cute,! Love the napkins, they pop!!
    Found you through DID