Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Programs

I have a love/hate relationship with wedding programs.  They are necessary, no doubt.  You must give love to your bridal party and layout your ceremony.  But, from a stationer's point of view, they become a little stressful, since they are usually the LAST product we whip out before the big day.  I am usually sending urgent emails address the subject with my brides weeks before the wedding.." 'bout them programs"!

So this is an effort to give the programs the love and attention they deserve by bringing them up on the priority list.  Yes, I know, you still have not talked to the organist about the music.  That's okay, because what goes in the program is not what I am concerned about.  It is the outstanding style and layout of your program that I need to nail down.  I can change one song from to another in a second, or kick your second cousin off the bridesmaid list.  No big deal at all!  Let's just design a program that lives up to the rest of your ceremony :)

Here are some pics to help motivate you!

Lavish Ornament Tri Fold Wedding Programs Sample in Garden Green on Pearl Shimmer Luxury Cardstock

Storybook Poster Script Wedding Program- customize to match your wedding theme and colors

Celebrate Perfectly!


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