Thursday, August 11, 2011

"wow" factor kid party ideas without the price!

I am currently working on a full blog post about how to make an "over the top" party without an "over the top" price.  It will be my first post in the Animal Crackers blog..."Cracker Crumbs" coming soon!  Here is a sneak peak of what to expect in "Cracker Crumbs"!

Here are my top 5 ideas to add a ton of "wow" to the party, but not the budget!!

1) Ditch the favor bags.  While I am a huge fan of guest favors..what you put them in does not have to be the expensive party bag from the party store.  Think about your theme and then think about what can double as "containers".  I bought these red bandannas at Walmart for .50 each.  I only needed 6, so I spent $3.00 total.  I filled the goodies inside and tied them up with ribbon. 

2) Do your own cutouts for hanging on the ceiling.  I love hanging things from the ceiling! They add a ton of decor!  I printed out these signs on orange card stock I had around the house.

3) Make your own drink labels.  Instead of buying expensive theme cups, print out labels on your home printer and wrap them in colorful drinks.  My favorite drink is Gatorade!  Colorful with out the sugar!! Just take the original label off and cut a piece of paper the same size and reapply with a double sided tape. 

4) Use books!!  This is by far my best tip!  You can buy second hand books at thrift stores, garage sales and discount book stores.  You can get a ton of decor from one book.  You can make drink labels, cupcake toppers and banners.  You can also use them as favors for kids to take home!

5) Use what you already have.  If your child is having a dinosaur birthday, odds are..your kid likes dinosaurs...therefore, you probably have a few dinosaurs around. Use them to help decorate.  I used these  farm animals as decor pieces at a farm birthday.   They didn't cost me a cent:)

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