Saturday, September 3, 2011

Animal Crackers Exclusive: Ellie's Tu-2-Tu Ballerina Party

An Animal Crackers Exclusive! My two year old loves to dance, so it was easy to decide on a theme.  It has to be a dancing party!  I decided on having a tu-2-tu ballerina party for her. 

a couple of weeks before her party, I dressed her in a tutu and we went "out" dancing.  She just ran around the yard and I snapped shots of her.  They came out so cute, we kept them and they are now hanging in her room!  I love functional decor!

I found the metal dress form at Hobby was black, but I painted it white:)

I found the frames at Hobby Lobby. There were pre made shadow boxes .  We (my husband) busted out the back and made them into frames!

I trimmed this cake stand with this adorable ribbon I found.

 Cookies were made by  Lori's Place on Etsy

This cupcake stand was made from an old candle stick holder.  I love how it make the cupcakes look like they are in a line dancing!

I made the cupcake toppers!

Cupcake liners are from A Little Extra Something on Etsy

Her invitation

Strawberry milk!

yes, those are ruffles on the candy bars...why not!

I made this cake stand and spray painted it pink.  The cake pops are from Starbucks! They are the "birthday party pops"..I couldn't resist!

I made this giant "2" out of foam board.  I also made the tissue paper poms for the mantel.

I made these dancing wands as one of the favors for the little girls. 

One of her gifts I couldn't wrap!

I made the table skirt by making the largest tutu ever!

Happy Birthday Ellie!

It was a fight to keep her away from that table so I could take these pics!

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  1. How did I miss this! What an adorable party! Our little one loves to dance, and I just know she’d flip over a party like this. (btw, the ruffles on the candy bars are fantastic!)