Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Event Planners vs. Event Designers

There seems to be a new trend in the event world...well maybe not new, just now there in a name for it.  During my endless hours of web surfing in the party and wedding world wide web, the title "event designers" has become quite common. 

Is there a difference between and "event planner" vs. an "event designer"?  I had a hunch, but thought I would do some research on the subject.  From what I have found..yes..there is a difference.  Although the terms have in the past been used interchangeably, it is now time for the event people to pick a side.

The qualifications of either of these service providers comes down to you plan or do you design? 

Which one do you need for your event?  Check out these two blog post by fabulous event designers that I think lay it out straight forward. 

The southern cutie, Christopher Confero from Christopher Confero Design

and the much respected (cutie too) Preston Bailey

I have decided that I am unequivocally an event DESIGNER! Weather it is a wedding client, bar/bat mitzvah, or 1st birthday, the minute I talk with the client and they lay out for me their theme, the wheels in my head start turning and they don't stop until the whole event has been pulled together.  My job is to make your event the best in can possibly be and more importantly UNIQUE. 

As always...celebrate perfectly!



  1. I am most definitely in the design camp. Though I don't consider myself a professional by any means; I have a love of event design that often bores many of my friends and loved ones. That said, the biggest lesson I learned over the last year is that I am just not an organized person.