Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Day And Your Pefect Vision

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. I get a little crazy around this time of year.  I become obsessed with detail and creating the perfect Martha Stewart/PotteryBarn/Pinterst/Real Simple/ (insert your slobbering love affair inspiration here) Thanksgiving Holiday.  This year, my family and I will be traveling for the holiday, so the stress of my perfect vision will subside.  I'm sure Christmas will double it's toll to help make up for it.

Since I am a detail girl..and a stressor, I have learned that the earlier you start, the smoother your turkey day will go.  I always think of the one big thing that I really want to make sure I have at my dinner.  It could be custom napkin rings, a centerpiece, menus etc; and I get those done first.  It could be October 15th and my Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece is done sitting on the dinning room table waiting to be admired!  Then I knock of my projects in order of priority.  That way..when I get to the big day and didn't get a chance to make the toppers and wraps that were suppose to be on the cornbread muffins..I'm not so disappointed.

If your must do involves've come to the right place.  Our 2012 Thanksgiving line is on etsy with some super cute invitations with matching escort cards and menus to help create your perfect day!

As Always!

Celebrate Perfectly!


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