Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our new name and a special announcement!

In celebration of our recent face life, we are giving away 100 free custom designed invitations!!  Yes..I will say it again..100 invitations!  Before we dive into the details, let me first explain why we morphed into Madeline Lewis.

Our former name, Executive Creations, was born 5 years ago out of desperation for a creative outlet.  I had worked previously with the Indy Parks Department as an after school coordinator for  a middle school.  There, I was able to (along with my regular job) take the opportunity to create.  I ran several craft clubs and have to say I had a knock-out bulletin board every month!

After I had my child, I decided to stay home.  As much as I love staying home with my children, I found myself spending way too much time in craft stores looking for projects to  do.  Executive Creations was born with the purpose of providing creative services to other local business.  I wanted to decorate lobbies, send out Christmas cards and set up window displays for other business.

While that business plan started a promising path, I did my first wedding show in a few months later in an effort to create wedding favors.  After that came wedding invitations, custom stationery, birthday party invites, event planning and design and finally logo design.

What I first started Executive Creations to be has become so much more then I ever thought.  While I still do service several businesses, most of my clients are brides, start-up entrepreneurs and moms looking for that perfect birthday invitation.  The "executive" in the name has simply become null.

I wanted a name for my business that was elegant and solid.  Madeline Lewis was an easy choice for me.  Madeline is the name of my middle child.  Lewis is my oldest child's middle name.  I love the way the name sounds together.  Madeline Lewis represents a whole array of services in all aspects of design.
For those of you that know my youngest child..have no fear, she is represented in my "little lulu" designs for children (lulu is her nickname).

In later posts, I will go more into each service that Madeline Lewis provides.  But first! celebration of our little face-lift, we are giving away 100 wedding invitations.  Please click here for all the details!

I am looking forward to this new journey in my life, but some things cannot change, always, celebrate perfectly!


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