Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Craft: Paper Wine Tags

I came across the idea of paper wine tags a few years ago.  When I was planning my Christmas Party, I was shopping for cute wine charms, but couldn't find the colors and style that I liked.  Then I remembered these.  I couldn't find the tutorial (pinterest must not have been born yet!)  So, I gave it a whirl.  I love how they turned out and added great detail to my party decor! 

 Here's the tutorial!
First..grab two circle punches on large and one smaller.  Of course, you can cut these out by hand. 

Apply adhesive and mount the smaller circle onto the larger circle.
Use a round object to trace a circle, about 1" in diameter.  A water bottle cap would also work. I used a button. Butt the edge of your round object to the edge of your top circle.  

Cut a slit from the edge to the tag to the end of the traced circle.

Cut the remainder of the circle out.
Stick it on the stem of the wine glass.  The slit remains open for easy removal, but it keeps the tag on the glass!

Happy Holidays!  And as always...Celebrate Perfectly!


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  1. Such a cute idea! And the colors and patterns can be chosen to suit the occasion, season, or theme.