Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday Craft: Holiday Red Birds

This weeks craft was kinda a fluke.  I was cleaning out my supply closet and found these wonderful pink birds that I used in my Valentine Party earlier this year.  After the party, I put them in my daughter's room, which was pink at the time.  We are now in the middle of a room change (moving the girls into the same room) which happens to be purple, so these little darlings ended up in a dark closet with the rest of the "I'll get to that project later" rejects. 

I had an idea to bring them back to life (for at least the holidays)!


 I primed and painted both the birds and two other rejected candle sticks from my closet

applied a glass adhesive to the base of the candle stick
 mounted and let dry!
They turned out super cute and festive.  I think they are my favorite Christmas decoration this year!  I'm on the hunt for other birds to do the same with.  Maybe purple next time for the girls room :)

As always...celebrate perfectly!


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