Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Invitation Etiquette....just sayin'

As we approach our 5th birthday here at Executive Creations, I think back to my first wedding invitation I designed and how far we have come!  During this time, I have come across some major no no's when in the invitation world. I'm not talking about the invitation "wording" in general.  There are so many rules with those, I can't even keep them strait!  Real Simple Weddings has a great article here

Here are some of my pet peeves that I've come across.

1) White envelopes with a colored invitation.  While, I cannot find any hard fast rules against this..I don't like it.  The envelope should match the invitation, so if you have a hot pink and black invite, please use a hot pink or black envelope.  Colored envelopes are usually just a few dollars more then white..sometimes not enough to make a difference at all.   If your invitation is mostly white or one of your primary colors, then go with white.  Oh yeah..if your stationer does not provide colored envelopes, you need to dump him or her and come see me:)

2)  Putting Stamps on your RSVP envelope or RSVP postcard.  YOU MUST DO THIS!  I have had more then one bride try to skip this step to save money.  NO NO NO!  You must provide the stamp if you expect to have any piece of mail returned to you.  Not only does it make you look cheap, it is rude.  Not to mention, you will have responses coming in much slower (after all..they had to drop everything and go buy a stamp) which may delay you getting accurate numbers to your vendors.

While we are on the subject of stamps....let's not do the "forever stamp"  For your bills..yes..for one of the most important days of your  There are so many options out there..not to mention, you can have a custom stamp designed that matches your invitation.  A bit more dollar wise, but totally adds personality to your perfect invite.  Again, if your stationer does not do custom stamps..dump and come to me.

3) Hand addresses envelopes. I know I might get hate mail over this.  Unless you have SUPER beautiful hand writing or hire a calligrapher, stick to labels or printed envelopes.  I know some of my paper friends balk at the idea of labels, but I think they look so much better then chicken scratches.  You can even get clear labels from most office supply stores..and on metallic envelopes, they are hard to tell you have a label. might be surprised how nicely your little desk top printer will do with envelopes.  I had one bride that had over 200 invitations.  Instead of paying someone to do them for her, she bought a new printer for $50.00 and did them herself (saving her $150.00).

While we are on the subject of envelopes...please spell out the whole address.  I hate it when I see IN or Dr.  You put a lot of work into your invite...keep it pretty!

Simple Radiant Events has a great article on the proper way to address the outside an envelope.

4) Putting where you are registered or asking for money on your invitation. Just Don''s tacky..there..I said it.  Dana Scott is more articulate.

5) Stealing a friends wedding invitation.  I have on the rare occasion come across a bride that shows me an  invitation from a wedding she has just been at and wants the same invitation.  First of's not nice to copy your friend, Second, I am not going to steal another designer's design.  If you really want the same invite, you should go to your friend, ask her who designed her invite and then go to the designer and ask her to do another one.  Good Luck with that.  I encourage brides to bring me samples of what they love and we can get some inspiration from another design.  But to outright copy it is wrong.

As Always, Celebrate Perfectly!


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