Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sweet Southern Valentine Soiree

I had so much fun styling this Sweet Southern Valentine Party for my daughter and her little friends.  I held it in the afternoon, so all her preschool and half day kindergarten friends could join her (big kids were at school) which made it more special!!

Thank you to Felicia Tilman Photography for taking photos!!

Cupcake wrappers are from

These sweet little bags are from
I printed out the names on transfer paper and ironed them on.

Her invitation...designed by Madeline Lewis

Cupcake toppers by Madeline Lewis

I love this idea!!  I think I saw it on pinterest:) (where else??)
I had my hubby drill holes in the top to stick the straws in! 
The straws  are from

The girls LOVED these drinks...I think they were the hit of the party!

Animal Crackers!!!

wrapped up candy bars were treats for the moms!
"be mine" tags from

I totally fell in love with these little berry baskets from
on to the next party!


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