Friday, August 30, 2013

Lamp Table Tutorial

So, I was looking for a side table at Hobby Lobby the other day.  I am in need of a little table to go in an empty space next to the guest room bed.  I found several that I loved, but was not loving the price.  After all, the guest room dose not get much use.

Later, while wasting time (again) in my local Goodwill store, a light bulb turned on!  I'll just make a table!!  Yeah!!! Project! I found a tall lamp base that would be perfect for the "leg" part.  I then went searching for the perfect table top. 

I found a oval brass frame with a lovely 1977 (possibly 1982) print.  The frame and glass were both in good shape, so I grabbed it!

Next, I cleaned both the frame and "leg" with a mild soap and let dry.

Then I flipped the lamp over and removed all the wires.  

I primed and painted both.  I love how brass paints.  It always looks good!

While the frame and leg were drying, I pulled out the "print" which actually was stuck on the back of the frame.  It took me a while to decide what I wanted to cover this with.  I first used a pattern I printed off my computer, but changed my mind to use a piece of left over burlap.  I just sprayed the backing with an adhesive spray to hold in place.  I then flipped over the backing and folded the burlap over and secured the folded over edges with hot glue.  Sorry no pictures .... I got caught up in the project and forgot!

Once the paint on the leg was dry, my husband cut a wood square slightly smaller then the frame.  You can use any strong adhesive like gorilla glue or even wood glue.  This just gives the frame a little extra support.

Put the frame together with your desired print or fabric.  Glue the bottom of the frame to the top of the wood square using the same glue.  

Clean the glass well.  

Find a fabulous place in your house to put your new table!

Stay tuned for my next re-do project.  I'm currently working a desk re-do for a special project the the girls birthday party!

As always....Celebrate Perfectly!



  1. I love this. I did a similar table a while ago, but it was too chunky; yours is elegant.

  2. Yes yes yes! Great use of thrift store finds :-) I'm a thrifter too!