Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"all you do is eat" Thanksgiving Kids Table!

So my daughter told me that Thanksgiving was her least favorite holiday.  "Why?" I asked.  "Because all you do is eat and it's bawing (boring, but because she cannot pronounce her o's and r's adorably comes out "bawing"...which by the way, I never intend to correct because I love it and I think that it still make her my baby).

At that point,  I reminded her of all the cool things we do.  Like how last year she and her cousin spent hours singing and dancing and how she usually gets all the pie she can eat because her mommy is in a food coma enjoying a glass of wine chatting with the other female relatives.  How we made all the pies together the day before (she is a little baker) And last, but not least, how cool the kids' table is.  I know the kids' table is cool because all the kids like sitting there...unlike my memories of the kids' table where I longed for a chance to be invited to sit at the adult table.  Maddie sat and thought for a minute and said "your right..Thanksgiving is my favorite"  Wow!!  That was easy!

It is true that my kids' tables are pretty are some ways to make yours awesome too!

Butcher Paper!  Kids love to draw on anything "different" from their coloring books.  It's cheap and clean up is easy. 

You can't have butcher paper without the crayons!  Tie them with raffia or fun ribbon to add some "color" to the table!

I love these boats.  I have seen them done in paper and felt.  I made them last year and instead of a center piece.each child got one with their name printed on the sail.

Here is a tutorial complements of our dear Martha.

Here is mine from last year.  I used felt instead and it worked perfectly! 
These favor pie plates are so cute.

thanksgiving place card ideas
 We did these last year too.  Thanks to One Charming Party for the idea. They look so real, it took the kids awhile to realize that they were not each getting their own pie.  But, they were delighted when they opened them!

Here are mine from last year!

 I will not be doing a kids' table this year.  I am traveling for Thanksgiving.  Although I have a ton of fun ideas in my head, I am taking this year off...from cooking and decorating!

As Always..Celebrate Perfectly!


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