Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Table Design Challenge

We decided to do a super creative Thanksgiving Table Design Challenge.  The catch...the products used in the table scape had to either come from a thrift store or dollar store with a $50.00 limit. We did allow 5 "pre-owned" items and a few items from long as they were on the designers property! 

The photos are in and now the voting begins.  The winner will receive a $25.00 credit to the Executive Creation Etsy Shop. 

Our first designer is from Creative Galore

When I heard about this design challenge I knew I wanted to enter and right away. The first store I went to was goodwill which is where I found the place mats in a set of 4, white linen napkins in a set of 4 and a bag with various color glitters. Then at the Salvation Army I found two vases and a bag of popurri that had pine cones and other nature elements. At the 99 cents store I bought the 2 porcelain pumpkins, a set of 4 candles and a ceramic Give Thanks plaque. My final stop was Dollar Tree to buy the 4 wine glasses while there I found a set of 5 foam pumpkins.
Table design: The cornucopia was filled with leaves from my front yard and then I placed the pine cones and nature elements on top and I leaned the Give Thanks plaque on the side, the side centerpieces consisted of a vase that was filled with somethings I found in my front yard, the porcelain pumpkin and candles that I decorated with gold glitter. The place settings were simple, the napkin rings I had already and added a sort of pop of color to the table design I used leaves from the front yard too as name cards and placed a small pine cone and leaf from the popurri bag on the plate. I placed a foam pumpkin inside the wine glass just for fun. I had so much fun designing this table and it got me so excited for Thanksgiving!

Price Breakdown:
Set of 4 place mats $1.99
Set of white linen napkins $1.99
Bag of glitters $3.99
Two vases $2.99
Bag of popurri $1.99
2 porcelain pumpkins $1.98
Set of 4 candles $0.99
Give Thanks plaque $0.99
4 wine glasses $4.00
Set of 5 foam pumpkins $1.00
TOTAL $22.70 (with tax from certain stores)
Stuff I had:
Cornucopia, Napkin Rings, plates and silverware
Design Number Two comes from
Stefanie at Le Bella Parties
I started my table by pulling out my items from home that I thought I might want to use and I created a general idea of what I wanted the table to look like. Then I headed out to the thrift store. I knew I needed a tablecloth, but I couldn't find one that I liked, so I bought a curtain. I cut off the loops on top for hanging it and no one would ever know the difference. I also knew I needed napkins but once again I could not find what I wanted, so I bought a little girls outfit with some cute polka fabrics in some fall colors. I really wanted fall leaves for my centerpiece, so I found a fall flower arrangement that had fall leaves and flowers in it that would work perfect. Then I found a set of FABULOUS china cups and I fell in love! I just had to have them for my table. I grabbed them and found some white bowls with embossed fruit and a gold rim that would match my silverware. I was getting so excited! Next I headed over to the dollar store and picked up 4 mustard colored plates, 4 water glasses and 4 wine glasses. Everything was coming together perfectly! I got home and started putting my table together just how I visioned it and when I was all done setting it up, I didn't like it! It looked so predictable and there was no pizazz, no me in the design. I started looking around the house for inspiration and that's when I found an old piece of scrapbook paper and it all came together. I ran back to the dollar store and picked up a roll of packing wrap, a package of colored foam rectangles and 6 sugar jars. I cut a strip of the packaging wrap, wrote the word family all over it and used it as a table runner. I used some of my chalkboard paint to paint a name plate on the water glasses and used them as name cards. Then I wrapped the sugar jars with the fabric pieces I was going to use as napkins, cut out the word family from the foam and attached the letters to the jars. Finally I added some of flowers from the arrangement I bought and the table was complete! I LOVE how it turned out! The table is colorful, creative, fun and all about family.



  1. While I do like both, #2 is bright, cheery, informal, and has POLKA-DOTS (my fav :) #2 gets my vote

  2. I love how both ladies create something great with just a few dollars and a lot of creativity! I vote for #2 though, it's just FUN!

  3. I love table #2. My favorite part is the table runner and the letters that spell family on the cans.

  4. #2 is my favorite! LOVE LOVE LOVE the table runner - so creative and inviting :)

  5. Love the playfulness of table #2!

  6. Table #2 is so much fun I love it!

  7. I love table #1. I love all the natural elements.